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Preventative Checkup Overview

It’s almost never a good idea to put off until tomorrow what you can do today. When the task is your vehicle’s preventive maintenance, the answer is simple.

Preventive care today can avoid problems down the road

As the seasons change, your car performs differently. In order to ensure that your vehicle is up to the most demanding road conditions, you’re going to want to set a consistent preventative checkup appointment with us here at Central Auto Care. Preventative maintenance is extremely important, especially for the unpredictable Alabama seasons. It’s best to address your vehicle maintenance needs before the inclement weather sets in.

If your Mercedes-Benz is due for preventive maintenance, Contact us  at Central Auto Care. The skilled service professionals at our Birmingham, Alabama shop will thoroughly evaluate your vehicle and make sure it is ready to handle whatever Mother Nature sends its way.

Preventative Maintenenace and Diagnostics

In addition to a huge cache of real time diagnostic tests specifically for the Mercedes Benz line,  technicians are able to version code, flash and SCN code components with our registered Mercedes Benz Xentry Connect.

Central Auto Care Xentry runs the most current software versions which are provided and updated by Mercedes Benz.

About Xentry

Xentry DAS (Diagnostic Assistance System) is a comprehensive Mercedes-Benz diagnostic system. It is the official tool used by all Mercedes-Benz repair facilities. We possess a MBNA registered Xentry, not an off-shore, aftermarket, or outdated version of Xentry. This means that you’ll get the same level of quality diagnostics with us as with the dealerships.

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