Services Overview

Central Auto Care truly understands the necessity in keeping your Mercedes serviced. We have access to and regularly use time tested techniques and processes to identify and resolve some of the most common and most rare problems found in many Mercedes vehicles.

We highly recommend scheduled maintenance for preserving optimal automotive performance, and extending the lifetime of your high-end vehicle.

Oil Changes

Central Auto Care can ensure that you’re oil changes are completed properly and timely, using only OEM filters and the correct viscosity of synthetic oil.

Pre-Buy Inspections

Pre-Purchase or Pre-Buy Inspections could be the most important money you spend when buying a pre-owned Mercedes. We’ll inform you of potential problems.

A/C and Heating

With the fluctuating seasons of Alabama, Central Auto Care can ensure that your Mercedes has crisp cool air in the summer and blazing heat in the winter!

Preventative Checkup

Central Auto Care knows the importance of regularly scheduled preventative checkups for Mercedes-Benz. It is imperative for keeping your car in optimal condition.

*Due to warranty concerns, we sell parts only in conjunction with service that is performed by Central Auto Care Inc.